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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wudhu Breaking and Walking in Front of Musallis

Q: Agar namaz ki doran wazoo toot jaye aur admi saf ki centre main ho, to wo kaise baher nikle? Namaziun ki agey se guzer sakta hai ya nahi? Wo pehli saf main hai aur masjid full hai.
Translation: If one's Wudhu breaks during the course of a Salaah (in congregation) and one is in the centre of the Saff (row), how should he get out? Can he pass in front of the other people praying Salaah? This person is in the first Saff and the Musjid is full.

A: Agar wo namaaziyo ke darmiyaan se istarah nikalsakte ke un (NAMAZIYO) ke seene qibla se na phere to nikle. (Fataawa Mahmoodiya, volume 7 page 143) Agar ye na hosake to namaaziyo ke saamne se guzer sakte. (Tahtaawi alaa Maraaqil Falaah, page 188)
Translation: If the person can pass through the congregation in such a way that he does not turn their chests away from the Qibla, he should do so. (Fataawa Mahmoodiya, volume 7 page 143) If this is not possible, he can walk in from of those praying. (Tahtaawi alaa Maraaqil Falaah, page 188)

Moulana Nazeem Moosagie
Checked and approved by: Mufti Siraj Desai