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Friday, February 5, 2010

Surah Fatihah in Janaza salaah

Q: A ghair muqallid (person who does not follow a Math-hab) brother asked me why Hanafis do not recite surah fatiha in Janaza Salaah (funeral prayer). He said it is mentioned in a Bukhari hadith. What is the answer?

A. Explain to your Ghair Muqallid brother that Bukhaari Shareef does not contain ALL the Hadeeth, there are other Hadeeth compilations too. Yes, Bukhaari does have the Hadeeth that Surah Faatihah should be recited in Janaazah Salaah and this is the practice of the Shaafi'ee Madhab. On the other hand it is reported from Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah, ibni Umar, Umar, Ali and many others among the Taabi'een (Radhiyallaahu Anhum) that there is no Qiraa'at in Janaazah Salaah and this is the practice of the Hanafi and Maaliki Madhabs.

Moulana Yusuf Laher
Checked and approved by: Mufti Siraj Desai