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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Extent of Impurity

Q: My clothes was napaak (ritually impure). I touched my clothes and my body was sweaty. I then touched another object and think that the sweat passed onto that object. Before I could clean that object, somebody else touched this object. And they touched this object with sweathy/wet hands becuase they came out of the bathroom.

How far does the najis (impurity) go. The clothes, my hands, and the object are now cleaned, but that person is going everywhere touching things, washing his hands, etc. Is the najaasat continuing?

A. Your hands did not become Naapaak, nor the object that you touched afterwards. The other person's hands also did not become Naapaak. There is no need to delve into matters of cleanliness and impurity with a fine-tooth comb. Shari'ah has made it easy. A moist or sweaty hand does not contract impurity from impure garments unless the hand comes into direct contact with Najaasat.

Mufti Siraj Desai