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Monday, June 8, 2009

Working at a Car Show

Q: This weekend I got a part time job at a car show. My duties were to collect money at the entrance.The show was put together for individuals to showcase their modified and done up cars. Some of the wrongs that were going on were: there was music being played, there were people drinking even though alcohol was not being sold and there was a bit of intermingling of sexes.
Is the money I earned from working at the show halaal for me to use?

The money earned from such work is Halaal, but participating in such an event where un-Islamic practices occurred is sinful. Make Istighfaar and repent unto Allah, and promise that you will not work at such an event again. I repeat, the money you earned is Halaal, for the actual work you were doing, i.e. collecting money, was not Haraam. The Haraam was found in attendant factors. In future make an effort to work in lawful places, and Allah will certainly open up more avenues of Rizq.

Mufti Siraj Desai