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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Status of Postures in Salaah

Q: Why is it that the according to the Hanafis the itidaal (not to rush with postures) in ruku and sajdah is wajib or fard, but the itidaal in qawma (between Ruku and Sajda) and jalsa (between two sajdas) is sunnah ? Is this the reason Hanafis pray rapidly the qawma and jalsas?

The preferred view in the Hanafi math-hab, after considering the different narrations as well as the principles governing Salaah, is that according to Imam Abu Haneefah and Imam Muhammad, ta’deel or tama’neenat is Waajib in Ruku and Sujood, Sunnat in Qaumah and Jalsah. The reason for this is that the actual Ruku and Sajdah are Fardh and perfection of a Fardh is Waajib, while Jalsah and Qaumah are Waajib and perfection of a Waajib is Sunnah.

According to Imam Abu Yusuf Ta’deel is Fardh in all four postures, and this is also the view of the Maaliki and Shaafi'ee Scholars. A minority among the Hanafi scholars have opted for the view that Ta’deel is Waajib in all the above postures. On this basis, latter Hanafi scholars say that the Musallee should exercise caution in this regard and apply the law of Ta’deel in all postures to be on the safe side.

As regards Hanafi Musallees who perform these postures quickly, well, they do so out of their own negligence and hastiness, not because of the above differences among Ulama. As mentioned just now, they should refrain from such hastiness in Salaah and fulfil this great act of worship with calmness and dignity.

And Allah knows best
Mufti Siraj Desai