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Friday, May 29, 2009

Coloured Contact Lenses

Q: Is is permissable for a woman to wear coloured contact lenses as opposed to the clear lens?

A: Colour lenses are not allowed because the observer will be led to believe that that colour is the natural colour of the woman’s eyes. Contact lenses are not easily noticeable. Let’s say a boy proposes to the girl, and sees her face. He will be pleased to see that she has “green” eyes or “blue” eyes, but the day they marry and she removes her lenses, the husband will feel cheated. So because of deception, this is not allowed. It is also for this reason why a man is not allowed to dye his hair black, for this will deceive the onlooker. As for a married woman, this will also be a form attraction because even if she wears a niqaab or veil, the eyes are very noticeable and will look more attractive with the colour. For these reasons colour contacts are not permissible. It appears in the hadith: ‘He who deceives us is not one of us’ Narrated by Imam Muslim.

Mufti Siraj Desai