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Friday, March 27, 2009

Water-like Discharge and Salaah

Q: Up until recently I did not know that the water-like discharge that a woman experiences is napaak, and so all the salaahs that I read were performed without making istinja first. However I always make a fresh wudhu. Do I need to repeat all the salaahs?

A: In the above case you need not repeat any of the past salawaat. However, a discharge that covers an area of MORE THAN 14 cm in circumference (approximately the hollow of your palm) will render the clothing impure, which in turn renders salah in such clothes as null and void. If you are certain that your discharge was so much then you need to repeat all salah read in that state, as far as you can remember. Allah will forgive and overlook what you cannot recall. But if your discharge was sometimes more, sometimes less, then don’t worry to repeat any salah. Allah Ta’ala will accept all your salah, insha Allah.