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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Names of Surah Faatiha

Q: Please tell us what are the twelve names of Surah Faatiha?

A: Imam Qurtubi (RA) has mentioned these names in his commentary on Surah Faatiha. We enlist the names with their meanings:

1. Suratul-Hamd: The Surah of Praise
2. Faatihatul-Kitaab: The Opening of the Book.
3. Ummul-Kitaab: The Mother of The Book.
4. Ummul-Quran: The Mother of The Quran.
5. Al-Mathaani: The Oft repeated verses.
6. Al-Quranul-Azheem: The Majestic Quran
7. As-Shifaa: The Cure
8. Ar-Ruqya: The Talisman
9. Asaas: The Foundation.
10. Al-Kaafiyah: The Sufficient
11. Al-Waafiyah: The Faithful
12. As-salaah: The Prayer.